• Barebones Tradesman Leather Apron

    Referentie: CKW-479

    The Tradesman Leather Apron from Barebones is a leather apron made for the true professionals!

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    The Tradesman Leather Apron is a beautiful leather apron made from full-grain water buffalo leather. Just after purchase, the apron may still be a bit stiff, but with use it will only get nicer. The front split is raised to increase walking and ease of use. Scattered throughout the apron are pockets and loops for storing tools and other supplies.

    Product specifications:

    • Material: Full grain water buffalo leather
    • Adjustable straps (one size)
    • Dimensions (H x W): 83 x 70 cm
    • Weight: 455 grams
    Artikelnummer: CKW-479
    • One-Size
    • Full grain water buffalo leather
    Weight (grams)
    • 453
    Height (cm)
    • 83
    Width (cm)
    • 70